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    For a long time, we heard about that drinking of water can actually help to lose up the weight as you probably know about that 29-60% of the U.S adults are guzzling water for achieving weight loss results.


    The article is addressed with the benefits of drinking water in the weight loss and how do you calculate an amount of water in ounces for your weight loss goals.


    How The Drinking Of Water Helps You In Weight Loss:

    • The drinking of water is beneficial as it has a low calorie and drinking a plenty of water can stimulate more fat to burn.
    • Drinking water before every meal can suppress your appetite, led to lower calories required for intake.
    • The water is the best alternative to the sugary drinks and unhealthy beverages.
    • Water plays role to boost up the metabolism and able fat to provide energy.
    • The water is a detoxifier as it’s clear toxins and harmful components of the body, excess amount of sodium is also excreted from the body.
    • Through Water, digestion system works properly, muscle cells are hydrated, improves our energy level, prevent from the weight gain and diseases, keeps the healthy weight and maintains overall health of the body.

    The Amount Of Water That You Should Drink A Day To Lose The Weight:


    There is a little bit mathematical calculation of how much you should drink water for losing the weight.


    The average of drinking water is 8 glass/64 ounces. The 1 glass is equal to 8 ounces. The average calculation is increases than your weight is above from the average range.


    The addition of 1500ml of water into your regular routine can help you to lose around 5 to 7 pounds within the 12 weeks without having physical activity and diet plans.


    Here are some recommended amount of water in ounces, according to the weight in pounds are tabled, you can adjust it (higher) with your workout performance.




    100 Ib/ 45 kg

    49-67 ounces

    110 Ib/49 kg

    74 ounces

    120 Ib/54 kg

    80 ounces

    130 Ib/58 kg

    87 ounces

    140 pounds/63 Kg

    94 ounces

    150 pounds/ 68 kg

    100 ounces

    160 pounds/ 72 kg

    107 ounces


    How Do You Calculate Quantity Of Water To Drink Per Day?


    Step 1:

    The very first, divide your current weight in Ibs by 2

    For example, my weight in Ibs is 99.208, so I divide it 99.208/2= 49. The 49 ounces is suitable for me to drink every day.

    You can calculate your ounces by this method as I calculate.


    Step 2:

    In addition to step 1, if you are doing more workouts, your body needs more water. 12 ounces of water are required per day for those who spent 30 minutes in workout performance. For more: check out the below table:


    Workout time


    15 minutes

    Add 6 ounces of water

    30 minutes

    Add 12 ounces of water

    45 minutes

    Add 18 ounces of water

    60 minutes

    Add 24 ounces of water


    Step 3:

    In addition to my step 1 and step 2, add 1500 ml of water to burn out 23 calories per day and to suppress the more calories around 75-90 to guzzle will promotes your weight loss 5 to 7 pounds within a 3 months.


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    The technique to incorporate 1500ml of water into your routine so add up 500 ml of water before the every meal including breakfast, lunch and dinner.


    Act over it to see weight loss result:

    Staying hydrated and losing weight with water is a fun and easy way to melt pounds quickly. So today, add more water in your diet to get rid from packets of fat and get a flat belly.









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